4k Tank Test

I’ve been considering an upgrade to my existing camera set up and contemplating shooting more in 4K, which has a variety of advantages despite the bigger file size. One of the cameras I have been contemplating is the Pansonic GH5s, which shoots in 4:2:2 V-Log, and gives more control when colour correcting.

Before I acquire a camera of that kind I wanted to make sure that my computer could actually handle 4k footage. Reddit user Estarkey7 kindly made available some that he shot on his GH5s at night. I was able to test importing the footage into Premiere Pro and then applying some LUTs to do some colour grading and everything worked wonderfully.

I decided to expand the test to include some VFX, since that’s a heavy part of my workflow. Following some trial and error I was able to get the footage motion tracked in Syntheyes, then exported the camera solve to Blender (using the same technique in my tutorial post), where I rendered out a 4k tank animation that took a cool 21 hours to complete.

The final outcome pleases me greatly, and I am looking forward to using more 4k footage in the future.