Export from Syntheyes to Blender Tutorial

It turns out that exporting a motion tracked camera solve from Syntheyes to Blender and getting it working is quite easy – once you know what to do. Originally when I was trying to figure this out, the process was anything but clear. Now that I’ve put both together a Combined Arms Demo Video and Episode 6 of the Imperials, I’d like to share the process for anyone else trying to figure it out.

I do want to stress that this tutorial is just how to export from Syntheyes and get setup in Blender, it is not how to use either program in great detail and assumes that you have some prior knowledge of each.

The key points of this tutorial are:

  • Export from Syntheyes for Blender as a python file
    • When exporting make sure the “Tracker Size” is decreased
  • In Blender ensure that there is a camera in the scene
  • Open up the Text Editor
  • Load the python file and then click “Run script”
  • To load the footage into the background either:
    • Apply a material to the plane that was imported as well
    • Delete the plane and add the footage in as a background image (recommended method)