Making the move to Blender

Over 10 years ago I started learning how to do 3D modelling and animation at high school, with Alias Maya 7. The program has come a long way since those days and so have I – and so has the cost of it. I desire to try to make some money with my 3D skills, so I felt the best course of action was to make the switch to Blender.

My cousin showed me Blender a few years ago though at the time I wasn’t overly impressed with what I saw, however throughout the years since Blender has been steadily developed and improved from what I remembered it to be.

The biggest learning curve was the interface as it is so different to Maya, however with the help of some tutorials that wasn’t in the end as big of a problem as I thought. I completed both the Blender Guru Doughnut tutorial, and the Complete Blender Creator Course on Udemy. Both excellent courses, both I highly recommend.

Below are some of my works that I created during the tutorials, my first works and I am pleased with how much I have learned since I started the courses.