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Promo Video – Aqua Pro Trenching

In October I was asked to make a promotional video for Aqua Pro Trenching, a business specialising in trench digging. Aqua Pro Trenching wanted to emphasis their dedicated trenching machinery, which is capable of digging over significant distances with incredible accuracy.

After a visit to their business and filming the machine digging a demonstration trench through one of their fields, the video was completed within 48 hours. That we kept the video short and to the point was a boon for editing as I was able to focus in on the key points. At first I completed a rough cut with basic text formatting to demonstrate what I was thinking, and after approval of the concept I could quickly refine the edit and create some nice text graphics for the placeholders with an endslate containing their contact details.

The resulting promotional video is one that showcases what Aqua Pro Trenching can deliver for their clients. The highlight from the process was the brief moment where I got to operate the trenching machine!

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