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Red Hill Riders Eagle Video Announcement

On July 2 the Arthurs Seat Eagle commenced a trial period that allowed mountain bike riders to take their bikes up in the gondolas to the top of the summit, allowing them to then ride back down.

Seeking a video to announce this new trial period, the President of the Red Hill Riders club Terence Toh asked me to assist in creating one. We decided to go to the Arthurs Seat Eagle and with their assistance we filmed within one of the gondolas. While there we also obtained extra footage of the ascent, at the summit and then descending back down to the lower base station showcasing the amazing view the Eagle offers on the Mornington Peninsula.

The video itself was complete within 24 hours, and after being uploaded to Youtube was viewed over 2500 times and shared widely within the mountain biking community, in the lead up to July 2, achieving the goal of spreading the news of the trial in time for the start of it.

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