The Imperials – A New Series

Today marks the beginning of a new venture for Impercar, the release of the web series The Imperials, a story about a new power growing quietly in the world with ambitions to rule of the planet, but unknown to the rest of humanity. That is until one hiking girl makes a discovery that has deep ramifications for the rest of the world.

The series has been in development for sometime over the preceding years. A technically challenging body of work that incorporates many elements of post-production including vast amounts of rotoscoping, integration of 3D with live action, building two separate armies (more on that later!) and so much more. None of this would have been possible without the help of the cast and crew that have been taking part, and turning the series from just an idea, to something more.

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The Imperials will be released on a biweekly schedule, with additional episodes released in between those weeks. The first episode will be released on October 5, until then here is the teaser, but remember to Subscribe to Impercar on Youtube to see it first!


Further production updates will be posted here on the Impercar blog in future, so check back in future for more news and updates. Until next time, we hope you enjoy!