The Imperials – The First Episodes

It’s been sometime now since the first episodes went out, much has happened in that time. The Impercar Youtube channel is growing, even if it’s not rocket growth it is still great to see that people are taking an interest in the work that has been done. To my surprise though the Impercar Instagram account is also doing better than I thought it would, it seems that stills from the episodes are intriguing to view.

As we speak future episodes are being edited – the next Imperial and Allied Forces episodes are more action oriented and have much VFX work to be done. Both are somewhat experimental in nature as well.

The whole series so far as been an exercise in learning and building experience. Knowing what I do now, if I had the power to I would change some of the decisions I made previously – but that’s the point of doing anything to begin with. You don’t exactly know the outcome, and now I can better estimate what is required for certain episodes.

If you are just starting out and want to do films, then the big piece of advice is to just do it. You will learn so much, and even if what you make in your opinion isn’t necessarily the best, so long as you take the lessons and put them into action on the next project that is how you will get better.