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Video Success For Sankiri Dog Training

A strong user of video so far has been Sankiri Dog Training, a dog and puppy training school run by Lorraine McLennan. Having been in operation for several years now, business has been steadily growing.

Lorraine sought to increase her internet presence, particularly on Facebook and commissioned Impercar to start creating some video content to keep building her following and up her engagement.

The first two videos of a series that are in development are both quite different. The first is a testimonial video for dog school, from two of Lorraine's happy clients Kaeleene, Mick and their dog Koas, along with Jacinta and her dog Bruno. Both of Lorraine's clients experienced difficulty with their dogs misbehaving and being difficult to walk, but after they started with Sankiri they immediately began to see improvements in their dogs.

The next was a sales video that was to be run as an ad on Facebook. Sankiri provided the footage for this video which was re-edited. The video tells the story of Leia who had quite severe anti-social behaviour and could be aggressive. Within an hour though, Lorraine had Liea walking along side her dog Kaluka.

This video was run as an ad on Facebook, using the same copy that another ad had used. That particular ad though was just a static image and when comparing the results the difference couldn't be more obvious.

  • Static Image Ad: 1.9% Click Through Rate
  • Video Ad: 9.2% Click Through Rate

In terms of raw numbers the video ad saw a 150% increase in people who were taking action as a result of seeing it! Lorraine started receiving several messages within 24 hours of the ad being run.

Here is proof that video does work, and that people will take more action as a result of seeing a video ad and seeing what it is that you do and what you offer.

Ready to start using video in your marketing plans? Contact Impercar today and let's start talking about how we can work together.

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